Eva Gordon Ceramics

Eva Gordon Oval Platter

Eva Gordon is a practicing architect and a passionate artist. The vibrancy and ebullience so evident in Eva’s art are a reflection of her creative abilities and her love of life. Her inherent passion for sculpting and painting were inspired by her exposure to European ceramic and pottery techniques. European born, Eva now lives in Toronto, Canada.  No other line of ceramics has the intense fire and light evident in Eva’s line.  Choose from platters, 14″ plates to stand or hang, 6 inch tiles to cluster in a decorative wall arrangement, canisters, and other decorative additions.  Themes include fruit, veggies, and flowers.  Her highly detailed pieces often include flowers, little bugs, leaves, and other finishing touches that make Eva Gordon Designs like no others.  Please call 239-596-2383 to place an order.

0025.7 12'' Plate - Flower - Magnolia with Buds

Eva Gordon Ceramics

 IMG_0617 Green Apples Grapes




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