Michael Aram

The Michael Aram Collection is an incredible array of tabletop accessories, home accessories, and personal gifts. Our collection is the largest in the Naples area! Perfect for a hostess gift. Perfect for a new home gift. Perfect for a Holiday gift, wedding, birthday, and more. Is it any wonder all the brides love this line? The stainless steel pieces are lustrous without needing polishing. Michael Aram offers Gold tone, also, to complement today’s newest decorating pursuit. And, Michael Aram Home Fragrance is the finishing touch, to be sure. This look is very upscale, could be contemporary or traditional, but yet has simplistic lines and wonderfully elegant botanical beauty.  You will find bowls, serving platters, serving utensils, cheeseboards, wine servers, napkin holders, photo frames, candles, Christmas Ornaments, Judaica, and much more.  Whether elegant or casual, Michael Aram pieces lend a sophisticated air and a breath of freshness to the decorator palette.

There is not one category that is more popular than any other of Michael Aram. The themes cover many interests: Black Orchid, White Orchid, Molton, Botanical Leaf, Gingko Leaf, and Ocean Coral to name a few.

To learn more, explore and admire the MOLTON collection.   There is much to love about Molton!  Each bead is hand applied and the hand hammering of the stainless steel metal offers tasteful refraction of light.  The line includes barware, hostess serving pieces, picture frames, and more.  The Molton collection is a sight to behold:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Huy8w6stekw#!

Snowman OrnamentBotanical CandleBlack Orchid Med. Bowl